Large zebra oil painting

     I was born and raised in Ukraine and came to US in 2005.  I always loved art. Since before I started school, I was involved in different art classes and programs.

    When I was about 12 I was fortunate enough to sign up for the classes that were led by a now well-known Ukrainian sculptor Yuriy Kozeratskiy. At the time he was in my hometown Vinnitsa teaching art classes for children. It was a God sent opportunity. I attended classes for about four years. My teacher taught me that the most important things in art are to express feelings, movement and depth of the object you are representing. Art is made to impress and influence viewers. Artists are an important part of society because they bring the life, movement, and beauty to it.

     I work with oil and watercolor. I find if you work in stages, those two mediums don’t fight against one another, and work as individual layers that add interest and transparency to my work.  I’m greatly influenced by nature itself and often marvel at the beauty of the surrounding world, and the astounding work of its creator.


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