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You can order a custom portrait from your photo carefully painted by hand using oil on canvas.

I use high quality materials and put a lot of time into details to ensure the best likeness. The painting time may vary depending on the size and other factors, usually a week and up for large paintings.

I do my best to ensure customer is not only satisfied but love the end result. 
The drying time for oil paintings may very but in most cases takes up to two weeks. 
Even though I sometimes allow the images taken by phone it would be best for you to send me the best quality photos you can find to ensure best quality painting.

All of my works are shipped in a professional manner, with maximum protection from any damage. Please contact me for the shipping rates and time that I'll need for the completion as they depend on the size of the commission.

If you have any more questions about the process or reference photos please send me a message with your photos attached.

Thanks for looking,
Olga Bankston

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